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Oil Spill Kit
240L Oil And Fuel Manufacture Industrial Chemical Hazardous Material Hydrocarbon Oil Spill Kit
Grey Spill Response Cleanup Kits, made of oil absorption materials, is used primarily for handing mixed liquid leaking on the ground, workstations, lab, and machine surface matting, and highly beneficial in the event of a spill and they allow the user to efficiently and successfully clean up spills. Standard kits come in sizes to handle any spill-up to almost 757 liter.
1. Cost-effective
2. Absorb spillages of universal liquid and oils
3. High Absorbency,16 times of its weight in liquid or oil
The spill kits contain several items in different spill kits, take the bellow as reference

Items Product List Quantity Absorbency
30L Universal Spill Kits 30L PVC Bag  1 30L 
Universal Absorbent Sheet (40cm*50cm) 20       
Universal  Absorbent Sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 1
Nitrile Gloves 4
Disposal Bags 8
50L Universal Spill Kits 50L PVC Bag  1 50L
Universal Absorbent Sheet  (40cm*50cm) 30         
Universal  Absorbent Sock  (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Universal  Absorbent Pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
80L Universal Spill Kits 80L PVC bag 1 80L
Universal Absorbent Sheet  (40cm*50cm) 40
Universal  Absorbent Sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 4
Universal  Absorbent Pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
120L Universal Spill Kits 120L Wheelie Bin 1 120L
Universal Absorbent Sheet  (40cm*50cm) 40
Universal  Absorbent Sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Universal  Absorbent Boom (D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 1
Universal  Absorbent Pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 2
Disposal Bags 7
240L Universal Spill Kits 240L Wheelie Bin 1 240L
Universal Absorbent Sheet (40cm*50cm) 80
Universal  Absorbent Sock  (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 6
Universal Absorbent Boom (D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 3
Universal  Absorbent Pillow (35cm*50cm) 6
Nitrile Gloves 4
Disposal Bags 8

Quality Assurance and Service
1. Have a complete rigorous management, production and inspection processes to control the quality and avoid detail mistake
2. Design and produce ability
3. Rigorous inspection including incoming inspection, flaw detection etc., and double check is a must.
4. Advanced factory facility ensure
5. Response to any inquiry within 24 HRS with design or efficient solution from our engineer or tech supporter.
6. Provide professional customization service according to client's requirements
7. on time delivery, as we have rigorous production schedule and profession follow-up process
8. Moderate price and professional service

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